Crisis Definitions for Presidents!

Dear President Trump,

Sorry about your immense losses in the most recent election, where it appears anyone with any sense fled your endorsement and offers of protection. Politics ain’t beanbag! But that’s not why I am writing.

It has come to us that you have decided to define crises by your own terms, which means that stream of immigrants from the southwest presents a major threat to national security, so serious that you have the U.S. Army stationed on the border.

Here, I would suggest, is a genuine threat . Already claiming lives!

Take a minute to look at the pictures, which I would suspect is about all you have the patience to do. This is what was happening when you were embarrassing us in France by pouting and playing hurt feelings all over the place. People were dying horrible deaths in the flames of California while you were avoiding the rain in France. (Okay, you did make one public appearance in the rain. Good for you. Hope it didn’t hurt or melt you.)

Then, somehow you peeled off one of your “blame the victims” tweets that managed to upset just about everyone when they least needed to be more upset. Hellfire was actually enough. It was also pointed out later that most of the smoking forests of California are federally managed.

Then you shifted back to your favorite most recent threat, the scene down at the border, where the U.S. Army awaits what remains of the refugees headed north. They were a great prop for your campaign rhetoric. But the results show it didn’t work.

I suspect this column dwindles just about every day, so by the end, you might have a couple of hundred people on the southern border looking for the safety of an American embrace. Please do you best not to order the U.S. Army to shoot anyone.

They just want to come here to work and raise their families.

I trust you understand the difference between these two “threats”. One of them is horrific and threatens even more death by fire. The other is a bunch of people who want to come here to behave like Americans, like refugees who have found a safe port.

You do understand the difference, don’t you?


Charlie Madigan

Proud Democrat