National Election Standards, Please!

Okay, whatever they are up to in Georgia and Florida, they can be up to it for as long as necessary. But I think the first thing the Democrats should do when they get to Congress is push for a national standard for how to have elections. I’m not talking about nationalizing elections. But there a least could be some national rules.

The New York Times has noticed this problem, too.

First, elections should be a process that plays out over a week or so, giving everyone a chance cast a ballot. Second, they should all be digitized so folks can just go to a library, or even sit at home, and fill in a ballot and file it. Third, they should all be counted at the same time so we can get some sense at some point who is going to run the Congress. And finally, they should be so tightly protected that no stinking Russkie trouble maker can fool with the outcome.

How hard would that be?

I don’t know, but Congress should start dealing with it in January.

We don’t want to go into Trumps next campaign with any gray areas.

It needs to be clean, crisp and quick!