We’re Winning!

No doubt about it. The fact that this assessment comes from a Democratic polling interest would usually stop me, but not this time.

It’s pretty clear from the Greenberg analysis that Democrats victory in the Congressional races (and beyond) was not only decisive, but also pretty deep. It’s also clear that it wasn’t some new kumbya moment that brought them together.

Face it, hate for President Trump is spreading and creating an array of decisive voting behaviors that will change the picture for the 2020 Presidential race.

He’s bad, in other words, and more and more people realize it.

The important thing now is to keep faith and strengthen the definition of what it means to be a Democrat so the choice becomes clear to everyone.

Trump has no ideology other than staring into the mirror and fueling his own self-obsession. It won’t take much to beat that, given the performance of the past two years.  

Just don’t lose hope and keep bitterness at a distance!