We’re aghast…Another Trump boyfriend

President Trump has now decided that the Saudi’s should do nothing to their nominal leader Mohammad bin Salman after it has been shown, pretty conclusively, that he ordered the killing of the Washington Post Columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was chopped up and beheaded, apparently, in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. 

We just loooooove the Saudis for all their help for us. So, we love the despot that runs North Korea because he was sweet to Trump and now, this apparent sand mobster, too, because Saudi Arabia is an ally in the world of sand.

How sweet!

Well, that’s that then!

Except its not. It’s just one more log on the building pyre for our booby president and his list of co-conspirators. The president continues to embarrass us everywhere on the grounds that the Saudis are just great allies in the battle against terrorism. They were a big help when a collection of their own slammed planes into the World Trade Center  and Pentagon buildings on 9/11 and crashed another in the Pennsylvania highlands.

I’ve got nothing against Saudi Arabia, with its sandy stretches and bearded guys and women who are now allowed to drive their own cars! What a place!

But the president should be more careful about picking his friends. Or actually, picking our friends. Pretty clear to me that this president is cooked better than a Thursday turkey and ready for slicing and all the rest that goes with a great dinner. Make no mistake about it, he put himself in this position.

Finally, have a happy Thanksgiving.  Also, ask your daughter whether she knew she was imitating Hillary with the email thing, or is she just as stupid as bricks, too!