No such thing as truth

This is just one of the problems with our president. He has no appreciation for the truth, no matter who delivers it. The CIA, I am virtually certain, told him it had concluded that the murder of Saudi journalist Janan Kashoggi was ordered by the chief Saudi politico. He says he didn’t read it that way, or something like that.

None of this surprises me at all. Truth is a fungible entity in Trump world, which may as well mean there is no such thing as truth at all, just a bunch of statements that he either can or can’t make work to his benefit. Where did he get this? What philosopher king sat with him and told him he could believe whatever he wants to believe?

For my money, 2020 can’t come soon enough. We have a president who can’t even recognize reality, let alone make decisions about it. I trust he sleeps well at night, which would be proof that he is dumb as a bag of rocks.

That we know.

The challenge is deciding what to do about it.