Trump Doesn’t Know “True”

Well, it would appear the special investigators report is on the horizon. You can tell because President Trump is getting even crazier! Now his thought seems to be that if you repeat the same old thing, it becomes real. Only in fantasyland, President Trump, and you are most certainly NOT Peter Pan or any other mythical creature.

Paul Manafort apparently became so comfortable with lying he just continued on lying, and now the special prosecutor’s investigators want to haul him off to court for the delayed sentencing he won by promising to tell the truth. Presumably the details will come out in court.

It’s pretty clear hardly anyone connected to the President has even a vague notion of how to tell the truth, so none of this suprises me. He lies from the minute he gets up, lies through his happy meals, lies in the evening and then lies before he goes to sleep. He is that frequent a liar.

But that doesn’t mean he is a good liar, just a frequent one. I am only writing this article now to keep the sense alive that he is a liar and fraud. The minute you start just accepting that, he has won the game. That is his intent, to make his lies so commonplace that you just accept them as more noise from the president.

But we can’t do that. He has to be held to the same high standard of truth we hold ourselves or else this really is just a huge waste of time. Two years and he is gone, so let’s focus at least on keeping the record clean by calling a lie a lie and writing it down and then moving on to the next days lies.

I hope the Democrats are learning important lessons from all of this.