Well, I have been waiting, it seems for two years, to lambaste the Republicans for what their behavior has cost them, all those Congressional seats and a return to the minority come January. But guess what, nah!

They earned this and in the wake of reports they don’t seem to understand why a change in direction could be redemptive, I’ll just let them slog on into the mush of the Trump presidency and pretend everything is just spectagamous and let it go at that.

That’s apparently what they plan to do.  They have huddled, circled their wagons and passed out plates of beans for the cowboys to gobble so they can fart their way to an apocalypse early next year some time, with help from the big fart himself.

I was hoping the Mueller investigation would get to him first, but now this has all swept in and made it clear that lots of the public has taken its cold shower and just wants him to go away. I can accept that for another two years. No one has to do anything.

Okay, I know some people are not going to be satisfied with anything but Trump blood in the water, but face it, you knew who he was in the beginning, didn’t you? You can’t tell me that any of this is even a little surprising. We sent a fool to the White House, so now he is acting in full character.

I know some of you are going to say “He did great with the Chinese” at that big Eurofestic  beauty show, But I don’t think you are going to be able to sell that to any number of people who are watching assets melt away because of the ridiculous tariffs. 

Remember, The President argued we were getting screwed because only HE knows how to make good trade deals and everyone else has poop for brains. Well, I don’t know. The Chinese have provided some breathing room, but when they do that in trade negotiations, it is usually because they have a plan to suck in all the available air down the road.

Meanwhile, our economy is starting to fray and unravel around the edges.


Are you ready for the next recession? It could be just around the corner. Like Chairman Mao always said, “Dig deep tunnels. Store grain everywhere. Never seek hegemony.”

I don’t know what that means, but it’s as good a slogan as Make America Grate Again. (I know. I’m suggesting that for the national cole slaw council!)