A Train ride to hell for President Trump

I don’t want to prejudge President Trump… (Oh, hell, yes I do!)… but I hope he realizes that in climbing on board the “Saudi Arabia is our last line of defense” argument and ignoring the murder of Janan Kashoggi at the Saudi consolate in Turkey, he has boarded the devil’s train and is headed straight to hell.

Well, he was probably going there anyhow for being such an unrepentant liar, but it became clear Monday just how deep of a problem he has gotten us into on the world stage, where we are already perceived by some to be a great nation run by a simple-minded real estate frog with very bad hair.

 CIA chief Gina Haspel briefed the Senate Foreign Relations folks about what the agency knows about Khashoggi’s murder and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s role in having the Washington Post columnist chopped up at the Saudi mission in Istanbul, and some of those guys came out of that meeting full of piss and vinegar about the misleading they had received from the president.

Okay, let’s get something straight. In Washington, if I remember well, no one is ever really misled. They just put on their “misled” t-shirts and line up for news conferences where they seem deeply aggrieved at a process they damn well created. You know. “How could we have caused THIS to happen?”

So it was with the Senators on Monday. 

Here’s how bad it got.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who has been playing lap dog for President Trump for quite a while now, jumped down off the pillow, took a turn around the Oval Office coffee table and promptly sunk his teeth into one of the president’s available legs.

“I think he is complicit in the murder of Mr. Khashoggi to the highest level possible,” Sen. Graham said of the Saudi prince.  He called the prince “a wrecking ball”. Richard Shelby, the Senate  Appropriations Chairman, said all evidence points back to the Crown Prince.

“This is conduct that none of us in America would approve of in any way,” Shelby said.

Well, that’s not true for one thing.

We approve of lots of murderous and violent things here in America. Why it was just a few weeks ago border guards were stripping parents of their children and putting them in big cages. What can you expect from a place that endorses that as officially approved behavior?

That one of our most important allies in the region would order the death of a critic, that’s easy! If they had done the job better no one would ever have known. People would have thought Khashoggi just wandered off into the desert and went native or something. Now we know he was murdered by Saudi Arabia’s very own street gang.

They even brought a saw and a pathologist to cut him up properly.

It’s time to stop pretending. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Sen. Graham is right, except he was not specific enough about the response. We should cut these oil gangsters right off.

We should only give permission to buy our best weapons to good friends, you know? 

Whoops, that would have been Saudi Arabia a few months ago!