The Whining Boy

My bet would be the instant Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were out of hearing range she turned to him and asked, “Is he bleeding yet?” That was such a grand public introduction to the way its going to be for the foreseeable future I just want to imagine President Trump cut someplace where you don’t see it and then discovering bleeding and saying, “Who did that?

The ultimate answer is “You did it yourself you fat pigmuffin!”

But in the wake of the Oval office event the other day, the answer would have to be Nancy Pelosi, who handed the president the kind of walloping you might get from a classroom nun in the olden days, before everyone embraced the obligation to be nice. She left no bruises on the surface. But believe me, he was cut.

She and Schumer got Trump to accept the mantle of responsibility for a  government shutdown, if that happens. He said he would gladly do it. I can’t wait to see how that plays out!

I was a wise ass in grade school so I know what its like to have a Sister of Mercy swing that big black cross at the end of the rosary of iron and whack you on the side of the head with it. Those kinds of attacks came with no warning.

At least Pelosi warned the man.

You could tell that when he suggested these kinds of conversations are best held in private. Then she went on with her part of the conversation very much in public, contradicting Trump at a couple of key points, respectfully, of course, but with some good slashing, too.

So, even the New York Times felt obliged to note, the game is on!

But which game?

First, of course, is the Nancy Pelosi for speaker game, where she proves she is completely up to facing this babbling baboon no matter how looney he gets in the conversation. She didn’t just out and call him a pig-faced liar, but that wasn’t necessary. The message came through for me.

Then she let it out afterwards when he went to talk to her caucus about the meeting with the president who simply won’t take no for an answer on this crazy wall on the Mexican border idea. He keeps pushing it and upping the ante by demonizing immigrants every way he can think of.

He has not yet suggested they are carrying parts for an atom bomb in their backpacks so they can attack national treasures, but he probably will at some point. Every other base has been touched and touched and touched. I think germs were added to the menu at the Oval Office event. Trump hates germs. 

On Trump’s side, its the wall, of course. Let me make it clear, there is no need for a wall, not use for a wall and no love for a wall, except on the part of The president. He’s still touching the base, I suspect, but no one else.


Let’s get past Christmas and then go high voltage on this man. Don’t worry about the consequences. No one actually likes him as best I can tell.

And for good reason!