Pay Attention: Trump Is To Blame. Even he said so!

So now we find the President in a fix and trying to shift the blame for a government shutdown to the Democrats. Remember last week, he said he would happily take the responsibility himself because he wants a wall on the border with Mexico that much!

What an idiot he is! Does he think no one will remember? Does he think his loyal base is so big it won’t matter. Does he think? I don’t believe he does. He just reacts with his “gut” and then expects everyone to settle with that. Well dang, that’s not going to work for anyone. Here is why.

We have spent most of our adult lives (all of us) with leadership that, even if it was a little twisted at some points, at least based itself in some kind of realty we could recognize. Not the president. He creates a reality minute by minute and then expects us to live with it.

He lives with it because its the only reality he can recognize. But we don’t have to because we have our own! Media, that evil force that keeps pointing fingers at him, gives us a broad outline of what is going on. Maybe its not perfect, but it’s a pretty accurate record.

So here is what is going on.

The most dependable and decent of his cabinet members, former Marine Gen. James Mattis, will leave the Pentagon on Feb. 1 because he simply can’t agree with Trump anymore on so many things, the latest being his decision to strip the last of the U.S. forces from Syria.

Every adviser worth the title has told him not to do this, but he proceeds. The why for this is somewhere in his head, or at least it was when he made the decision. It may well have rolled out of his ear in the interim.

He just has no framework to explain much of anything other than, “I just thought this up.” Jaysus!

Here’s what else is going on.

The government is going to shut down over this pestilent president’s demand for a wall along the border with Mexico, as though that will solve any problem at all. I don’t even want to start explaining again what is so bone headed with that idea. So I won’t.

He says we can expect a long government shut down until he gets what he wants.

Here’s what I want. President Trump should just quit, like a kid upset at a bad turn on a baseball field. Then he should go home and we should pledge never to pay a single bit of attention to him for any reason.