Don’t let Trump deter you from a very merry Christmas

You know what the outrageous president wants is for everyone to be talking about him. The only true way to deter this kind of behavior is to ignore it. So my period of ignoring begins!

I have to sent my best wishes to those federal employees who won’t be getting paid during this shutdown. I hope normalcy of some kind returns to your life soon, but I don’t think it will until the president is gone.

In the interim, have a great holiday and try not to think about the man in the White House. There’s nothing you can do about it at this point but I would suggest you register as a Democrat in January and work hard to get all your friends on board, too.

Then at least you won’t have to blame yourself for this debacle.

If you are Republican and plan to stay there, please make it clear to everyone that you are not happy with this buffoon and his ignorant ways. I suspect the whole election was just a strange quirk in our democracy anyhow (with some help from Moscow) so lets make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Remember at Christmas to pray for those who have lost in the past year, and for those who have won and for those who aren’t sure where they fit on that spectrum.

We all need prayers just now.

I would say I am done for the year, but one never knows!

Merry Christmas.