No Taxation Without…government!

Well, my feeling is that its time for the American public to take control again, grab it back from the fool in the White House.

But how?

Tax revolt. Haven’t had one in years and its way beyond due for this government, I would suggest. Start looking at how you might find a way to withhold your taxes, or at least refuse to pay any amount due, as tax day approaches.

I might suggest mathing it out to determine how much of your tax money is going to go toward building that ridiculous wall. Then put that in a savings account someplace and find a way to NOT give it to government.

Of course the feds have made this impossibly difficult by using the withholding system to take your money up front. Maybe we should try to do something about THAT one, which works fine when someone normal is in the White House, but not so fine these days.

I know it’s probably illegal to even suggest this, which is one measure of how frightened government is of the people who actually supposedly run this nation. But there you have it.

The president is an abysmal failure on so many levels it doesn’t pay to line them all up here. I don’t have the patience for an impeachment effort, which will take forever and just make everyone even madder at one another.

So, tax revolt. Figure out how and do it.