An Irritating Political Reality: If it works, do it!

Okay, okay, so the Democrats did the deed on Facebook (or wherever) too in that campaign against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. Is that so bad? If the enemy does it shouldn’t you do it, too?

Jesus, those kinds of thoughts don’t even work in warfare. Why would we try to legitimize them in politics? We are still leaning toward the politics is warfare model that is so depressing and dark.

For the record, I think the Democrats need to be the party of naked honesty in all things (including releasing their own taxes). If not, more of this stuff is going to happen, all under the guise of the argument that what is good for the Goose…and so on.

We are not geese. Neither are we Republicans of that stripe or Trumpians or whatever you want to call it. We Democrats need to set a higher standard and also make it work, you know?

We do no good when we just imitate the worst behaviors of our political enemies. It just makes the pool that much more cessy and rubs a stink on all of us. I would rather walk to the gallows of fate in a clean shirt than escape into the night covered with poop!

Okay, that’s not exactly true. I would not mind escaping into the night covered with poop if I could scrub it off and look at it as the kind of thing you have to do to survive in this life.

But not in politics. No one is getting killed in politics. You just get whopped. So why retreat into a collection of life saving behaviors when what we are talking about here is winning office. not winning wars?

It’s stupid and diminishes us.

So don’t do it.