Weepin Jaysus…Opus Dei Too?

So, word arrives that Opus Dei, tapping one of its secret money bags, paid off the woman squeezed by this Washington media priest of the 1990s then sent him on tour until things cooled down.

Rev. C. John McCloskey, well-known priest back in the day, prepared for conversion big-name conservatives — Newt Gingrich, Larry Kudlow and Sam Brownback. They all swore on the big book and became Catholic.

I have an important question. Who decided the payoff figure? $977,000 is just a thirty thou or so short of a million. What kind of an exclusive men’s club is this that it can’t bump this to a $1 million payoff?

Okay, so it’s not actually funny.

This is one of those organizations that the faithful turn to for special advice in special circumstances, like the McKinsey & Co. of religious advice. Just as McKinsey & Co. has fallen on hard times, so now has Opus Dei.

Answering pretty clearly the question, “Is nothing sacred?”

Nope. Guess not.