The Nuns Would Have Whacked Him With A Ruler

If you are going to act like a petulant child, there should be some authority in the area who can smack you without fear of retribution just to reset your thinking gears and get you going in the right direction.

Whoops, that was 1956 I was thinking about, at Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School in Altoona, Pa., not modern Washington at the White House with our foolish president and his longing for a wall as tribute to him.

That, of course, is what it would end up being, a tribute to him, his only accomplishment as president of the United States. More behavior like that exhibited on Wednesday should get him a kick in the butt from a determined nun. At least then, Fear of Gawd would be in the mix.

Life, the president needs to learn, is neither a cable television fantasy or a real estate deal in New York. Instead, it reaches from border to border, north and south, everywhere, and touches everyone, no matter what Mr. Trump might think about it.

Have you ever missed a couple of paychecks, maybe while on strike or something like that, or just laid off during a recession? I have. What an awful feeling that was, to know that when you opened your checking account, your pittance would not have arrived. It makes you anxious and start to question the justice of life and the value of wage slavery.

You have to expect at least a thimbleful of humility and practicality from the man who has the most important job in the government. But what do we get? Snotty reactions and table thumping and an arrogant stomp off.

Let’s get a couple of things straight here: 1. Trump caused this problem and said he would be happy to take the heat for it when he closed down government. 2. A wall might have been a fine idea way back in the day, but you can’t build one strong enough that determined criminals can’t find a way around it. I have said it before, the first incident of any kind means the $5 billion was a waste of time.

So, I’m just going to go on being proudly Democratic about all of this and say Trump came from hell and was sent to do evil work.

Beyond the casinos, obviously.

We have to make certain his ass is pasted flat into the ground in 2020. The Mueller investigation report may not even embarrass this man. It will be long and detailed and require a lot of reading. The president doesn’t have the intelligence or the patience for that.

I’m going back to ignoring things while my blood pressure stabilizes.

Only write from honesty.

Bye for now. (Drops the mike.)