The Piper Wants His Money

I will never forget the time we withheld our services at United Press International for a couple of weeks to convince them they should pay us more money. Long story short, it wasn’t a wealthy company and what we lost on strike we never made up. As for solidarity, I was one of only two guild members in the tiny bureau I was working in. You can’t make much of a rally with two guys and a thermos of coffee.

Still, we decided to do this on our own to try to make some point that is lost to me at this stage. But I sympathize with the federal workers who have basically been locked out by President Trump’s passion for useless walls to keep non-threatening people from south of us from breaking in to do our lawns and work in our restaurants and all the other things we don’t want to do.

Stories have popped up about federal workers taking jobs driving Uber cars and what no to keep themselves whole. I’m completely sympathetic, but that does not compare to unloading tractor tires from a railroad car at a farmers association warehouse, or unloading ammunition that had been sitting in the hot sun for too many days.

That’s the kind of stuff I had to do to make minimum wage and keep my family’s life glued together while the strike continued.

But at least it was a strike. It was not a lock out.

I appreciate the federal workers I have come into contact with since my retirement. The have all been polite and efficient and I can’t imagine what Trump thinks he is doing by keeping them away from work. That’s not to mention people who might need their help.

It’s starting to hurt us.

The man has lost his point and he needs to realize that. Each day this continues he is going to sink lower and lower, and no amount of shouting and pouting can repair that.

I should be happy. What is bad for him is good for me, generally. But not this time.

I would call for a responsible move now, but I don’t think he knows how to do that.