Fluffing Trump’s Bluffing

Dang, I have to say it now. I’m starting to really, really like Nancy Pelosi, who is behaving just like a good grandmother, mother and politician should. I can’t believe she is not from Chicago, but Baltimore is a pretty good challenger in the political world, so she’s carrying lots of stuff from there to the conflict. There is, of course, the California glaze on her, which is prettifying for sure and gives her a nice shine.

But the balls she is rolling in this tournament come from the East Coast, clearly, and have all the weight they need to thump Donald Trump hard enough to make him cry. Now it is time for those of us who remain loyal Democrats to back her right up to her eyes and let the President know we are just so tired of his bullshit.

It’s kind of interesting to see him lose and lose and lose, heartening actually. He has two full years of this to go before someone is going to challenge him for the crown, assuming he isn’t in jail by that time. I don’t mind frauds. They can be interesting sometimes. But I can’t stand a bad fraud, a fraud who can get his fraud up at the right time or in the right way.

Such a fraud.