Roger Stone, Well Of Course!

Did this surprise you in the least bit?

It didn’t surprise me. I just figured it would take time for the special prosecutor to sweep up all the glass shards and bits of fluff that surrounded this particular suspect before they would indict him.

There’s nothing significant to say about this man. He has been a parasite since Richard Nixon’s era, never funny as a trickster and always smelling of felonious behavior. Trump was all he needed to make it work for him.

Which is what it is all about. I wonder if Donald Trump actually has any real friends who are not parasites just sucking little bits of money out of his empire, or little bits of influence these days.

It seems they all either get rolled up by the feds or flee just before some prosecutor someplace tosses his net into the pond of Trump muck to see what he can drag in.

With every indictment, Mueller and his investigators are moving closer to the center, closer to Trump. I won’t be surprised if they find nothing there when they arrive. Trump’s empire can be shredded in an afternoon. It’s all funny money and paper.

Our president has all the charm of a carp that has been on the beach for a week.

That’s what happens when people don’t vote. So get ready and vote in 2020.