State of the Disunion

Here we are on the eve of one of the warmest buckets of spit government can ever present, the traditional “State of the Union” speech, which doesn’t have to even be a speech. We would be better served if President Trump just sent a brief letter or tweet or something to the hill saying, “Excellent on my end. Press ahead on!” and just let it go.

But no. We will now have a couple of more days of speculation and then some leaks and then finally, the big event .

We already know what’s going to happen. He’s going to pee all over the Democrats and lie to the Republicans and point to strong economic numbers and say, “What a Great Great Man I am.” Then he will leave.

Some of the pathetically dishonest Republicans will then emerge to proclaim the man is back on the right track. I’m betting that South Carolina cracker will lead the pack, then look like he is afraid of something.

That would be truth. But let’s move on.

Democrats will respond, saying the man is an asshole (essentially) who knows nothing about values, government, and so on. And then the media will chime in with lots of negative energy and then it will be all over.

It’s going to take two more years to squeeze this bozo out of his clown job, so we just might as well sit tight and enjoy it and pray for peace. As juicy as impeachment seems, that will be a meal for the most left of the lefties and a couple of serious centrists who want to do whatever they can to get rid of the man.

Mitch McConnell knows the Senate will not convict the man no matter how grievous the charge because it’s Republican and so is he and they simply don’t have the balls to throw him out.

We can be consoled in that the Republicans have already figured out how to side step this clown and block most of what he tries to do. I’m happy with that. The Clown Guard is a good image for the GOP these days.

I have never liked golf, so I don’t care what he does with his little white dimpled balls.

Pray for 2020. It’s coming. I just know it.