What was that little thingie in the middle of the state of the union speech?

You know what I’m talking about, the point at which President Trump implied an investigation was casting a shadow over a booming economy and America’s standing in the world? What was that?

Sounded to me like he was warning Speaker Nancy Pelosi to keep her Democrats in line on the question of investigating President Trump from the top of his fluffy hair to the bottom of his feet.

I think she should ignore that and just chop away.

It was a good applause line for the Republicans, and you have to give them credit for knowing when to cheer and clap. But I think they are just being simps for him, you know, swept up in the moment and feeling somewhat unified.

I think the whole State of the Union speech was an act to show people President Trump is not really an asshole, which he is likely to undercut with an array of foolish tweets pretty soon.

Meanwhile, the Speaker was standing (or sitting) behind him and struggling mightily to keep her eyes from rolling clean back in her head every time he lied. She knows he has been getting a pass from Congress for the past two years. She also knows it’s time for that to end.

I generally don’t like State of the Union addresses because in the modern era, it’s a little too much show biz and not enough substance. And bringing in all those props up in the gallery, well, I think Mr. Trump went too far with that. I am most happy the little girl sitting beside the First Lady survived cancer, because who doesn’t want a child to survive cancer?

The President says he’s asking for $500 million over the next ten years to respond to cancer in children. Hmmmm. That’s $50 million a year. What’s that going to do? Someone sold him on the idea, but I wonder what the pitch was. It’s a good way to change the subject, which Trump is always interested in using.

Picture this: “Corrupt practices” vs “saving children.” That’s a good subject changer. Let’s remember the children who were taken from their families by the ICE guys down on the border, you know? The ones we can’t find now?

To know the true story, look behind the prop.

That being said, I don’t know who I would have left out. Those old soldiers and vets were just too precious to ignore. They got a chance to take a bow for some mid-20th century boldness that I can still admire. Germans were very bad then and it was good they got whopped.

But what does it mean for today?

“Nothing” is the cruel way to put this. We are Americans and we have romantic thoughts about how we have always been. World War II was a great victory for us, full of valiant acts and the like. But also full of brutality and atom bombs and fire bombings and I don’t know what else.

The more distant we get from the battlefield, the more heroic it becomes. Up close, I bet, not so much. But the thing still works for older Americans with memories and pride. You can’t blame Trump for tapping that. It was his big chance.

And I would never ever say anything bad about those old men, such valiant survivors with their ancient uniforms and medals on their chests.

Haven’t seen anything like that since we lived in Moscow back in the bad old days, when veterans would parade down across Red Square with all their medals glistening and their pride on vast display. Even though I was very much on the other side, I respected them and their sacrifice. The Russians played that like a symphony. It got you all teary.

We humans are saps for stuff like that. But we should also remember that, in almost all cases, those kinds of displays actually have hidden agendas behind them. For the Russians, it was helping people to forget their terrible lives and wretched diets.

I don’t know yet what it means for us.

Not at all.