Give Trump Sharp Sticks and Let Him Pound Them in the Ground Down along the border

There are a couple of big advantages to this kind of approach. 1. It will keep him busy. 2. He might actually appreciate the nature of actual work.

Not fancy sticks, just sharp sticks. I’m thinking the nation could collect up all its old broom handles, whittle a point on them and give him a little sledge hammer to drive the into the ground.

He will have his fence then, and if we are lucky, it will use up the remaining time in his presidency. Most important, it will keep him completely occupied so he can’t add any thing more to the abundance of rantings he has unleashed about the wall and immigrants.

This is an amazing document to read, of course, and just to look at, too. All the president’s irrational rantings and broken promises about the wall in one place. Just think, if we had ignored this from day one, we would all have an immense space in our heads to fill up with real facts instead of more Trumpian blather.