There’s the sand, draw a line!

Enough about the need for a wall. We have been listening to this bullshit for two years now and it still makes no sense. Someone needs to send a note into President Trump’s office and tell him he is not the king of America, just an elected official given an important job which he is doing very badly.

Failure. He hates that word. But that’s exactly what he has become. He will spend the next two years shouting and stomping his feet and acting like a baby to try to convince his “base” otherwise, but even they are not stupid enough to swallow this crap.

There is no need for a wall on our southern border. We do have problems coming up from Mexico, but a wall isn’t going to stop them. Instead, the president has set up a system aimed at demonizing people who want to come here to escape the misery of their own lives.

Almost all of us are here for exactly that reason, someone way back in their miserable life decided they had had enough and wanted to come to America to build a better one. Thank God they could do that or my kind might have been chewed up in Germany during one of its ghastly wars.

If you are pissed off about the fact that lots of people are nodding off on fentanyl or heroin, then stop making it so profitable for people to traffic in that shit by NOT BUYING DRUGS! If you are upset about immigrants, look into your own history and see how your family benefitted over time.

All of these problems President Trump cites are imaginary, ginned up so he can hold ridiculous rallies in airport hangers and get his ego stroked. There is just no excuse for this other than the man’s mental illness. Why can’t we just recognize that? He is a sick, twisted character who needs attention, but not the kind of attention he gets in politics.

He needs the kind of attention you get in a psych ward.

It is ridiculous to treat this man as though he were just another politician with some ideas he is trying to push. He doesn’t have ideas. He has whims which he picks up after watching those odious babblers on cable news. He has no idea how to create, develop and implement an idea. He just has aides who tell him he is great and then push that slop out into the system.

We have to start learning now about this man. He cannot be re-elected. He cannot finish his term. He should be eating bad soup in prison someplace.

All of this is written with an abundance of genuine malice, which is what I have for this man. Put him in a cage and hide him under the bleachers, for chrissake!