A Big Hard Hug for Bernie Sanders

Back when I was still professin’ , my favorite courses of all were the presidential election courses I would run every four years. I got to create fake media credentials and send a whole class to Barack Obama’s inaugural party in Grant Park. I got to invite some parents in to tell us what they thought. I got to amaze endlessly at how a collection of youngsters could be so in love with Bernie Sanders.

Of course none of that was anywhere near as much fun as jetting off to New Hampshire and camping at some hotel and eating bad Korean food and hanging out with the media corps, as delightful a group of egocentrics as you are going to find anywhere. (Including ME!) Those days are over for me now.


It was about 24 to one for Bernie in my last election class, with Hillary getting one vote from a young woman I really liked, but felt a little puzzled by. Those were the days. Then Bernie, then Hillary, then…Donald Trump?

Look, I’m the first one, after covering five presidential elections, to know the role that spoilers can play on election day. These days, I am reviving my thoughts. They are only spoilers if you view election days as games you win by conniving enough votes.

They aren’t spoilers. They are beloved candidates that a lot of people believe would make great presidents. I think the same holds true for this year. Don’t let fear of that babbling boobie in the White House drive you away from what your heart is telling you.

We Dems have a grand collection of compelling candidates, and Bernie Sanders is welcome in that group. He’s not spoiling it for anyone. He is speaking to people across the range of descriptions who will be moved to go vote just because he is there. That’s great! Of course he’s not a Democrat either, but that’s not such a bad thing. He’s got some good ideas.

The same with the rest of them and also Joe Biden, a great character despised by some old libs but, then, who cares about old libs? He needs to dust off his thoughts, shed anything that doesn’t work, stand up and admit in his life “Mistakes were made…” and then go for it.

Will he be too old?

Well for Chrissakes, we’re all too old. Am I too old at 69 to be writing internet copy? Fuck no. I practically invented internet copy. I know how to do this. At the same time, I’m not saying, “Come, follow me!” because I’m not going anywhere very quickly these days. But I am saying get involved and care deeply about something or this baboon will be reelected and I will have to move to some civilized place like Canada or Ireland.

I’m too old for that shit.

I felt confident back when I was a sweet young man (OH YES I CERTAINLY WAS!) that I could pick my butt up and haul off anyplace at moment’s notice.

Not any more.

But that should not keep you from hopping around.

So get hopping.

For anyone you love, but not for Donald Trump! When you don’t play the political sport seriously, you create openings for him to take advantage of. And remember, you are not allowed to just crap out if your gal/guy doesn’t win the nomination. You Must Be A Voting Democrat!

I know many of you think Trump will be in prison by election day, but I would not count on that. Remember, he is from TV, where fantasy ideas make fortunes just before everyone gets tired of them.

And man, I am tired of him.