Now We Can’t Believe Anyone! What’s This World Coming To?

Of course you caught all the Congressional news about Michael Cohen’s spectacular testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

I did not.

Instead, I took my wife and my son to Prairie Joe’s in Evanston where the young man and I had two of the most honest burgers you could ever ask for and my wife had, of course, her traditional tuna salad sandwich.

There were fries, of course. Nicely done and gently served. It was great!

I was looking at the clunky art and thinking about Micheal Cohen during lunch, but not so anyone could tell. Joe’s was all but empty at that hour so we got good fast service and gobbled those honest burgers and tuna salads right down.

This is what it has come to in our quest for honesty!

Delighting about finding an honest burger and and honest tuna salad sandwich.

Thank God they were there, because there was simply no honesty in Washington (even though President Bone Spurs finally made it to Vietnam, which should have taken some of the unpleasant weight of serial lying off the city for a while.) There was still enough dishonesty to taint the city and make it seem somehow skanky. Those Republicans have some balls challenging this guy for dishonesty when they have perhaps the biggest presidential liar (and that is covering a lot of turf) in history at the head of their party.

I am almost certain that they all detest Donald Trump but most will never admit it. Is an untold lie still a lie? I think so. It’s one of those de-factos we run into on occasion. They no longer even have to lie aloud in the Republican Party. It’s just part of the description, like that R-Your State Here after their names. It should just be R-Lying Scoundrel to describe the most of them.

The Dems did a pretty good job, which I find heartening, when my own political party gets the honesty medal by default. Poor Mr. Cohen, having lied so much as a lawyer he was disbarred (and THAT’s some feat) he now has to struggle to tell the actual truth in a place where he lied through his teeth earlier just to protect President Trump.

He’s got jail time up ahead and nothing to remember from the past but what a fool he was for going to work for that unholy dirt ball. I am touched he loves his daughter, but I’m hurting to find any reason for forgiveness here. He knew exactly what he was doing, if not the consequences.

So the game is afoot once again. The President is meeting with that evil little despot in Vietnam, trying to love him into giving up his nukes. What will he trade for those babies? Can’t tell yet, but it will become apparent in time.

The great deal maker once again is on the loose making what he will certainly claim to be a great deal.

He is a lying scumbag and deserves whatever history delivers on him.

The facade crumbles in the wake of this testimony, and what remains is a castle made of poop, stacked as high as it can be stacked. I could just smell it when I was reading about the hearing on my phone.

But the burgers smelled a lot more honest, and better to boot.

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  1. Charlie… once again well said…someday we will hopefully be out of the manure field….meanwhile enjoy a hopeful burger… with fries! Thanks for your thoughts. Thanks


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