How Will We Know When It’s OVER?

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TRUMP, I mean. How will we know when he has gone far enough down the Washington toilet to just be viewed as drowned in a festering pool of his very own making? What he touches these days turns into its own baking clay pot of poo, without a doubt.

He’s going to rationalize what happened in Vietnam with the North Koreans as a triumph because he was wise enough to walk away from a bad deal. I’m sorry, we don’t give medals or even kudos for failure, not that the man had any chance of succeeding in his efforts to get the North Koreans to…to….to what? Become sweet? Get rid of nukes? Stop killing people?

I can’t tell what he wanted and maybe he can’t either. Maybe he just wanted a couple of headline grabbing days to make himself feel good. That’s always a likely possibility with Trump. He just wanted to feel good.

I’m tired of that.

My wife and I raised three sons and realized very early in that game it wasn’t always going to be about making any or all of us feel good. It was just a damned hard job we did because we freakin’ asked for it by reproducing in the first place.

New Yorker writer Susan Glasser may have said it best in kind of a summary part of her essay on Trump in Vietnam with the North Koreans:

“The reality of divided government is that there will be more bad days for Trump, and soon. There will be more witnesses like Cohen, more hearings. The President’s children may be hauled up to Capitol Hill. Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are scrutinizing many aspects of his business. The special counsel’s report on Trump and Russia could land any day. Impeachment proceedings are by no means out of the question. Jittery Senate Republicans are threatening to defect en masse from supporting Trump’s sweeping emergency declaration, an executive power grab already rejected by the House in this week of reverses for the President.”

I am not going to the trouble of explaining each of those likelihoods here because if you don’t know what they represent, I suspect you are part of the problem, too. So why bother?

Bottom line is its only going to get worse for President Trump. The question remains, for you to answer, how will we know when this is actually over?

11 thoughts on “How Will We Know When It’s OVER?

  1. What did anyone think would happen when you have two megalomaniacs meeting in a summit? Yep, there will be more bad days!

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  2. When Mitch Mcconnel just decides to go home…having destroyed any illusion of character and honor in Republican governance.

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  3. When Jeff Sessions finally grows a pair and says exactly what he really thinks of the guy — and provides details.

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  4. We will know ‘this’ is over when the orange idiot chooses to resign to spare his corrupt finances and corrupt family any further scrutiny. Lacking the intelligence to know enough is enough, he likely will continue to hold the Statue of Liberty hostage until we vote his horrid regime out of office. God help us! Two more years of ‘this’?

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  5. Seems to me it’s over already. The proverbial dead horse just requires a little more beating.


  6. Charlie Madigan

    It is clear that you hate President Trump. We get your message. Anyone who sees good or decency in him and recognizes his accomplishments is a fool. Impeachment is on the table, you say, as he is a “liar” and a “racist” and your source for this is the the Trump haters at the NYT. Washingon Post and AP; and of course, the honorable Mike Cohen. .

    Your tethering to the Democrats and admiration for nitwits like Schumer,. Pelosi, AOC, Sanders, Maxine, and Booker is sad in view of your posted credentials as a journalist.

    You actually cheer for President Trump’s failure as president, hoping perhaps that the economy will tank and that unemployment will rise and all else will go haywire. Frankly, it is sad to see that side of you, but is is consistent with the desires of the Democrats whom you fawn over.

    Much depends upon the report of the special counsel. It appears fairly clear at this time that Russian collusion and Obstruction of Justice are non starters Mueller and his (of record) team of 17 Trump haters and Hillary supporters will find reason to criticize Trump, but Trump’s characterization of Haiti as a ‘shit” country, and his twitterings will not qualify as the high crimes and misdemeanors which you and Pelosi and Schumer are praying for. But then, we will have to see whaat Mueller has to say.

    Speaking of background, I too was a journalist for more than a quarter of a century in Chicago; and later, for 20 years as a practicing attorney, often serving as counsel to other journalists. In addition I was lecturer at Loyola university on news reporting, a blogger of political events and and a consultant for nine years to the Circuit Court of Cook county and the office of the Cook County Medical Examiner.


  7. Anyhow, I haven’t leaned on my “polished credentials” from my years at The Tribune, United Press, The Harrisburg Patriot and the Altoona Mirror in a long time. I am what I write. At least I am honest about who I am, name-wise, and I am not shy about telling anyone how much I hate this president. We are obliged to love our neighbors and the United States of America, but that is a description that has no political leaning and no connection to either present or past presidents. I can’t wait until he is gone, gone, gone.


  8. Charlie, you may be jumping the gun a bit in your desire to see Trump go down. No doubt, House committees will be demanding documents and holding hearings, but it really remains to be seen as to how that will all play out. Mueller’s long awaited report may simply stun them with its exoneration of Trump. Dimwits like Maxine will be flapping about like birds looking for a new limb.

    Also, in this wishy washy system, Trump’s lawyers could probably delay most of the committee nonsense for months–even years.

    There is a ton of talk about the horrible lies and misdeeds of the President, but these are allegations based almost entirely on hostility and hate for the man who defeated the disingenuous Hillary. As one old timer has observed, “where’s the beef?”

    Will Trump be abandoned by the 63 million Americans who voted for him? You have your NYT and Post telling you that he will be beaten in 2020, but Charlie, these same experts told of how Hillary was a shoo in. How did that all come out?

    In two years of his investigation, Bob Mueller apparently has nothing of substance showing the President did anything wrong. If he had anything, it would have leaked out. When Clinton was on the hot seat, his detractors produced a stained blouse which really did him in–but he was saved by the Senate.

    Although you may not agree, there is much in the way of misdeeds committed by individuals like, McCabe,m Comey, Rothstein, and many others. You may recall that the IG pointed to this in his report and has said that he has more coming. Mueller, I believe, is a man of integrity and he knows that the Russian link to Trump just isn’t there. “Collusion” is a fantasy and “obstruction of justice” is a non starter since the President simply exercised constitutional power reserved for him in dealing with employees.

    Impeachment must be based upon treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors. It is alleged that Trump has committed all sorts of crimes,–but hey what are they and how are you going to prove them. I am partisan for Trump, I confess, but I see no crimes that he has committed. Saying he committed crimes and that he lied 10,000 times does not make it so.

    You say that Republicans are opposing the president en masse. That is another non existent hope of Trump haters. There are those that believe that Trump’s popularity is actually growing and that he will easily win a second term in 2020.

    Frankly, Charlie, Dems are making it easy for him with their nonsense about a socialism and a new green deal promoted by a 29 year old ex-bartender; and legislators who endorse the plan. Dooming them for sure, however is the non-stop accusations of “racism” against the President and every Republican on the planet and the push to allow late term abortions at any time and to even permit elimination of the breathing baby as part of the mother’s right to choose.

    Aside from all that Charlie, I enjoy reading your comments. Best regards. Bill


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