Ready, Aim…Wait a minute!

Those of us who are boldly Democratic in our leanings might want impeachment proceedings to start right now based on Michael Cohen’s testimony and what is already known about President Trump.

That would be a mistake.

Look, we have two years to go before the game is just about over for the man and each month on that journey leads to more troubling revelations about our very troubling president.

But this is not like a court proceedings in which a reasoned presentation would lead a dozen reasonable people to say, “He did it!” Impeachment is not a criminal process. It is a political process, and there are plenty of signs the Republicans are locked and loaded to play big politics on this one.

How can I tell?

Because they are so blind in following President Trump over every cliff he approaches no matter the cost, no matter the reason. It would be cruel to call them nuts, but it’s not cruel to say they are acting like people who are afraid and also have a strange virus that blocks out the truth.

You can’t convict a president impeached by the house if you simply don’t have the votes in the Senate. And the process for impeachment, as yet, does not have those votes.

Does that mean they won’t eventually show up? No. What has to happen is the Senate has to be convinced the man can no longer munch his Big Macs in the White House dining room. That is why the burden on the house is so heavy. They have to take people who have been willingly blind these past two years and show them how to see how bad this man is.

Things have to build up more. It’s not enough that the man unleashed hush money to silence some girlfriends. I don’t think anyone even choked on the coffee because of that. He has this strange layer of protection, either warts or scars, from all the flaming piles of poop that have been tossed at him over the years.

Simple corruption things can’t hurt him because we have unfortunately reached the point at which the “Oh, of course he did, he is Donald Trump” becomes a rationale for looking past his many faults.

Face it, he built his presidency on the popularity of the Apprentice show on television. That says a lot about Trump, but it says even more about what kind of country we have become.

So Nancy Pelosi, keep on building. Unleash those committees and push them hard for certifiable pieces of evidence. Make every bit of it public and it could be the House will reach a break point at which even the symps in the Senate won’t be able to say no.

At least that’s what i hope.