Oh no! Ten Donalds!

Kudos to the Washington Post for this wonderful summary of Donald Trumps wacky speech to the Conservative Union people a week back. Clearly, the man is loco in the head, but no one wants to actually confront (recognize?) that because we have not had a loony president in quite a while and it’s hard figuring out what to do.

So, what to do?.

First, humor him. Wacky as he might be, he still has his finger on an array of weapons that would make the Queen of England blanch back in the day when the Queen of England had the mightiest navy on the ocean. Trump is the real rocket man in the international formula, so we have to be a little careful about criticism?

Sheeeeeeit no!

This is the United States of America, where we relish in our ability to criticize the bejaysus out of our politicians even when they don’t deserve it. Remember all that flapdoodle about Obama being born in Kenya? President Trump ultimately had to walk away from all of that, so obviously, he has been reformed.

He has not.

He is the same bananas crazy he was when he took office, just able to gather totally faithful audiences in front of him that encourage him to let loose. So, the Post took a close look at his “Trump unleashed” performance before the conservatives and identified at least ten personalities, a whole little roomful of them that could be labeled and presented.

And here they are!

A warning about this. For some reason, the Post decided to monetize this effort with ads for all the individual video segments proving the looniness. Typical of media, they show us the very same ad for each segment, a Coca Cola add on how that company, which has found a way to market 16 tablespoons of sugar in brown fizzy water, is trying to improve our health. Perhaps things might go better with non-sugary coke. Don’t know.

But the Trump stuff is just boffo so sit back and enjoy. You have to watch each segment, because each one captures his unique craziness to a T!