Trump: No lessons learned

Good gawd this man is vexing.

Now he is suggesting, in this Breitbart news interview, that his police pals and motorcycle gang pals and what not will leap to his defense somehow if people push things too far.

Typical of Trump, he doesn’t say what things or how far too far would be or what might happen if his backers get riled up or anything specific. Just some rumbling from him that, you know, there could be trouble…and so on.

How long are you going to put up with this kind of shit from the President of the United States? He’s not threatening, he’s suggesting, but in his case, that is the same thing. Then he either never remembers what he said, or distorts it into something else.

Damn. What a vexing public official this is.

We are all going to be very upset when the Mueller probe comes out to say there is not a provable case on the question of conspiring, colluding, whatever you want to call it, with the Russians. The stuff is likely to make him look like even more of a big sleaze and fraud, but it won’t be enough to kick his ass on the street easily because…because….

He has what remains of his Republican Party support behind him. Which means highly unlikely that any impeachment proceeding will succeed if it clears the indictment stage in the House and slithers on over to the Senate. It will land like a big turd in the punchbowl. Everyone will see it splash and smell it after a while, but I’d be damned if I would go over there to dip it out and properly flush it.

All of this means it’s best just now to stick with Nancy Pelosi because the Speaker has already pronounced Trump is not worth the trouble it would cost to mount an impeachment effort. Just cross your fingers and hold you breath for a bit.

One of two things will happen: 1. His head will explode from all the lies he has ginned up in there, or, 2. His term will come to an end and despite the bleating and hoo-hawing and everything else the man is expert at, he’s not going to get a second term because we may as a nation make mistakes, but we aren’t yet stupid as bricks. We better get our voting senses in line soon. Pick one of the 5650 Democrats that have popped up, believe in her or him and vote this piggie man out of office.


Least wise, that’s what I think.