What happens if YOU suggest violence!

Depending on who you are and where you are sitting, probably nothing. But then, you are not the president of the United States, mistaken for a role model in some corners, sadly as an inspiration and even worse, the great white hope!

You all remember his calls from the podium during the presidential campaign to toss people out, ruff them up, whatever. We could debate for days what his intent was, but putting your hands uninvited on anyone, unless you just happen to stumble on them, is an assault.

And if you join a circle of ruffians surrounding one of their enemies flat on her back in the center of the ring and join in shouting, ‘Kill her. Kill her now!’ That is essentially inciting to violence. You could be arrested. But not likely.

It’s different when Donald Trump suggests a bashing for someone because he is, after all, The President. And there is always a chance that someone who is out of touch would not view him as crazy as an outhouse rat and, hence, would act on this suggestion.

This is why the man deserves a close observation at all points, just to see whether he is calling on people to break the law again. The Pre-WW 2 Germans were good at this, and so is he! What a coincidence.

He is making it hard to want to have anything to do with the federal government, like filing taxes, for example. That’s a good place to start with inflammatory suggestions. Suggest that people stop filing federal taxes to protest the fact they are being collected by a buffoon!

Just an idea.