A Waiting Game

The question this Sunday morning is not at all about impeachment. It’s about what we are waiting for and how we will interpret what the special counsel has presented.

I really don’t care about this and I haven’t since the day I decided I would use any opportunity that presents itself to criticize, chastise, undercut, diminish, whatever, this awful man who lives in the White House.

It’s my mission as an American. When the nation is on solid ground, I would follow it wherever it needs me to go. But that is not the case just now. We are not on solid ground. We are on such infirm ground, I would argue, that you will be able to take whatever message you need from the Mueller Report.

The minute the nation decided it would embrace this con man as its president, the deal was sealed. We were going to have to accept his petty, foolish behavior until his term ended. Early rumbles of impeachment came from people who don’t understand that process and what it draws forth.

Nancy Pelosi is absolutely right about this. There is simply no point in damaging the nation any more over this ridiculous man. All we can do is decide what lessons to take away from the debacle.

Irony of irony, many are the same lessons we learned as children. “Just because you say it is doesn’t mean it is!” That has always worked for us. The ability of technology to present tweets every morning does nothing at all to enhance their veracity. It just makes them faster to arrive.

But poop on a platter, whether delivered instantaneously or shipped the old way in a nice brown box, is still poop on the platter when you open it up. It is worthless and useless. So are President Trump’s tweets.

They are the roarings of an unsettled mind, nothing more. So we have to find a way as a nation to ignore them. Stop waiting for the tweets. Stop paying attention. Just ignore him.

Help the Democrats get themselves straightened out in time for the election. Don’t set up a situation where he can be reelected as his own kind of strange spoiler. We already had that once. We don’t want it again.

And don’t give up on law and order in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office. These folks actually pursue criminal behavior, not political behavior. So there’s a good deal of hope in that.

Long and short. Just wait.