Now It’s All Political! Exactly as it should be!

So, a couple of years after he got the assignment, Robert Mueller and his cohort of premier investigators have concluded that no one can prove that President Trump colluded (whatever that means) with the Russians to steal the Presidential Election.

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Does that even surprise you? Do you have any idea how high that jump is? Let me give you a different way to think about the Mueller investigation: he did his best and achieved exactly what was needed. There is no proof the President was working for or with the Russians.

Case closed!

We should all be delighted with that because it means the toady orange fool hasn’t given the whole shop away. But there’s something even more important than that.

If you hate the word “politics” and think it reeks of self interest and chicanery, this isn’t going to make you happy.

But what this does is shift the conflict right back into the place it should have been when the Republicans were in charge and had their heads stuck up each other’s butts, Congress. That means we have two more years of Donald Trump braying “no collusion…no collusion…” and so on, while Congress grinds on with what this has always been since day one: A political battle over the outcome of the 2016 election.

Why we can’t see this is beyond me!

People get so enmeshed in whatever media is saying at the moment that they can’t see the big picture, the forest for the trees, to borrow a shopworn cliche. That old game, in short, is on again with no excuses about staying out of Muller’s way. He has done his job. Now the picture shifts to the Hill again.

All of this simply enlivens the political world, where Republicans you have never heard of are making proud statements about exoneration of Trump, Lindsay Graham has himself all fluffed up and pronouncing and Democrats you know quite well are eager to get their program moving, with an emphasis on deconstructing the Mueller report to see how Attorney General Bob Barr reached his conclusions.

Any way you cut is, Russia has been little more than a vast distraction from a better and more relevant question: Should this man be president of the United States? Now there is no glory to the answer to that question. Trump is just a couple of blabbing hookers, seamy New York City fixers and some good looking exotic dancers eager for attention away from defeat.

But it will have to come on election day, not from a Congressional probe. Collect what you need to and shout it as loud as you can. In another two years, the people will decide.

Which is as it should be.