Law, Collusion and Trump. It’s what we don’t know that matters

President Trump’s biggest problem is not his ego, it’s not his relentless cranking about just about everything, it’s not even his hair. It’s his propensity to draw forth assumptions from all kinds of people that he has done bad stuff, even without the specifics.

He’s like a mafia don of politics. You know we could never prove most of the things we thought about Character X from our youths, the strangely swarthy guy who seemed to show up wherever numbers were being run. Pool halls were this guys favorite haunt!

Gambling, numbers running, whatever, anything BUT drugs, they were into it up to their eyes. Many of their businesses were wrecked by state lotteries, which were legal and had much bigger payouts. But they prospered for quite a while and gave us all cause for suspicions.

So we end up with a president who built things in New York (nudge nudge) and ran gambling casinos, so badly that he kept going bankrupt, but gambling casinos nonetheless. I have always been suspicious of people who ran gambling casinos. Honest! Too many years thinking about the Chicago skim from the Vegas places to allow me to think they were, are, clean.

Now we have one as a president. Those guys survived by standing just this side of illegal. This president has done the same thing. Which is why we should not rule out collusion with the Russians as a possibility.

I’m not saying charge the man and convict him. That would be very hard because you would have to prove intent. But it’s not very hard to look at all the evidence and suggest he and the Russians were a tad close on some things, if you get my drift.

Since we have now backed away from prosecution on the collusion issue, we can cuddle right up to it as a political issue because, after all, you rarely have to prove anything in politics and suggestions sometimes carry the same weight as actual charges.

I would suggest he was up to his neck with the Russians one way or another for a long, long time. You don’t just shower and walk away from those kinds of connections. So now he gets to pay the piper, whether he likes it or not.

Why this is good is (is THAT not a mafia way of saying something? Why this is good is…) it allows him to keep braying until 2020, which keeps the Democrats enthused and his base excited, too, and it keeps the focus on the “not quite illegal” part of the collusion formula, you know, where you are eager to pick up the soap for the right guys.

I could be wrong.

But I would never admit it!

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