Pelosi to Trump: Scaredy cat!

So, the Democrats want all 400 pages, or whatever it is, of the Mueller Report on the Trump/Russia embarrassment so they can decide for themselves whether the President obstructed justice in the investigation of this foreign dabbling in our politics.

Of course they do, and they should well get it.

Why in the name of all that is right and holy should they accept the summary of a partisan Attorney General that is so importantly connected to Trump’s future? This after General Barr already pissed all over the idea even before the report was written.

Go look it up. He wrote a letter that apparently helped convince President Trump to appoint him to the job essentially arguing Presidents get to do whatever they want and you can’t just go an slap their wrists every time they do something bad.

That, of course, is not what Barr said, but it might as well have been what he said. I applaud his credentials and his experience under previous presidents. This one is different in the sense that he is a terrible guy with no sense of decency or honesty.

That’s where the conversation should start: what kind of man is this in the White House? Don’t be deterred by reports he is running a victory lap over the Mueller report. We don’t know what it says and neither does he. He just takes people’s word for it then launches off on twitter tirades and visits to friendly airport hangers.

So out comes Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency in her news conference Thursday to say the man is a scaredy cat and awful for calling Rep. Schiff and all the other Democrats who want to get their hands on this report losers, or whatever description he used.

Give them a week and then the Dems should head to court with their pride and honor intact and get a judge (and eventually a justice) to do the right thing about this Mueller report. We need to see it. All of it. Cliff notes are never sufficient when matters are full of what we used to call gravitas.