Biden: Run But Beware!

This is a great example of how politics creates its own eras, depending on the dominant issues of the day. Joe Biden is one of the most faithful Democrats of all time. Yes, I know about the Anita Hill thing, his touchy feel-iness and so on. But I also know we can depend on him to defend the values Democrats have represented forever. That’s not something to walk away from.

The former vice president can play this a couple of ways. The wrong way is to be too defensive about something that seems to be part of his nature. Maybe most people are not as upset about the head kissing and hugging and so on as the newly arrived Democrats who are griping about it and using it to disqualify him.

Maybe most people do not wake up each day with Anita Hill on their minds.

I don’t know about that. But I do know that politics creates its own eras based on the issues of the day, and this era is most certainly going to be about women finally getting an equal voice in the party and on the political stage. Who can complain about that? But how they are going to use that voice is another question.

We have a problem in the culture because we let symbolism outweigh reality when it comes to presidential politics. That is how we ended up with this buffoon as president. His symbol was compelling for a lot of disaffected Republicans who felt he was speaking to them. As it turned out, he was not. He was speaking only to himself. We now know that, and the symbolism of the “Make America Great Again” movement was as empty as the man is.

We already knew America was great. But the nation seemed swept away by that stupid slogan.

We would be in the same position if we traded off our advantage in the presidential contest for a symbolic image that would help cleanse the party of its dubious past on matters of sexual identity. I think we tried to do that with Hillary Clinton, and where did that get us? A great woman, no doubt, but not a great presidential candidate and part of a dynasty that still seems more Republican to me than Democratic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking of this as an endorsement for Joe Biden. I still have to take a close look at the other 6,000 Democrats running before I make up my mind. But I don’t think we should chase him out of the race because he believes hugging and smooching is a good thing. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. It depends on what is behind it.

For Joe Biden, I think its just his humanity rising to the surface in an arena that is not comfortable with those kinds of expressions. I don’t think for an instant that his intentions were questionable. His only problem is the era he is running in.

Things are changing quite rapidly. Individuals are now allowed to be deeply and loudly offended by things that are not inherently offensive, and to say so when they feel the need. That changes the game for them.

But maybe not for us.

One thought on “Biden: Run But Beware!

  1. I agree, I don’t believe Biden’s intent in being a bit too touchy feely was sexual in nature. I know he would never brag about grabbing women’s genitals, let’s say. I wish Biden would team up with Sanders for a democratic win. We can’t afford division within the party this time around.


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