Cracks in the Mueller Ice

I was very happy to see this story and I just love the fact that the people who unleashed it waited for a nice interval. The timing is perfect. Just when people are starting to squint at the Attorney General and wonder what he is doing, up comes this report to build a little fire in his office.

I don’t know what it says, of course, but I suspect it’s all about the obstruction of justice rumblings the Justice Department was so quick to muffle after Mr. Barr issued his summary of what he thinks the report is saying.

So what might it mean?

Mueller is ready to dump? I don’t think so. He has the reputation as the worlds greatest crime fighter, and one thing great crime fighters don’t do is leak stuff to the media. So it’s not him. Could be some key investigators, you know?

I recall my reporting years, those that involved investigative type things. Usually, if you could get the names of investigators you could buy some beer and squeeze a little out of them. An FBI senior agent once told me the Atlanta Police Department had lost some key pieces of evidence in a big murder investigation the feds were helping with. He was trying to shore up my sense of despair about things and cut the nuts off the APD so it did’t get a fat head after a conviction in the case.

Nice guy. No help. I became a better actor later in my career.

Anyhow, if there are signs these guys are eager to leak, it might serve two purposes to let it out. 1. Nudge General Barr into doing the right thing with the Mueller report and redact just a bit. 2. Nudge General Barr with an implied threat that they will dump out whatever he tries to cover up.

Admittedly, that’s the dark version of what might happen. But it always pays to keep the dark version up there on your desk because it might just be the right version.

We just have to wait now.