No Go Joe: Nice Guys Finish Last

There you have it, my decision about Joe Biden, who I first covered when I was sent to Delaware to give him a look when I was working for UPI. I think it was some time in the 19th Century, back when there was still a UPI you would recognize, which tells you a lot about me and even more about Joe Biden. We’re both too old for this, him because he’s too easily stimulated, if you know what I mean, and me because I am not.

If he runs, what we are going to get is the whole messy stew for weeks and weeks, and if that’s not bad enough, Humor(?) from the pussy-grabbing loser pretending to be President of the United States. I can’t take another presidential candidate who comes with built in question marks. Hillary was enough of that.

I made my mind up halfway through Gail Collin’s column when I realized that even though she is trying to be nice for him, it all just oozes out so easily that I can’t imagine the Johnstown Flood of sarcasm that would greet him on the campaign trail. And that’s just the funny part.

The mean part, this from the small army of Democrats already announced, would be even harder to take. The Democrats don’t yet realize that they are tightly connected to one another, first by the hopes of their supporters and second, they are freakin’ Democrats for Chrissake! You can stick this guy with any sharp thing you have and if you think about it, the “ouch” would be coming from the sticker, not the stickee.

It would come back on you so quickly, I just don’t want the temptation out there, at all!

So, I am sorry because his face reminds me a bit of my father’s and he was, after all, from the hard coal regions of Pennsylvania (my father was a bituminous guy, but coal is coal is coal) before he moved to the capital of banking, Delaware.

Don’t get me wrong. He is a good man, I believe, but I don’t think his temperament could withstand the nastiness of a campaign against Donald Trump.

The objective now has to be to defeat Trump. Get me one of those aggressive youngsters, preferably a female, to kick his butt good without having to watch behind herself the whole time for Democrats with pointy objects.

You have been a fine public servant, Joe. Love ya. Go home to the wife and watch from the sidelines. Okay, you can write the occasional oped for the Times about the campaign. But that’s all the closer you should get.

A new generation is moving in, and it deserves its own clear pathway.