What does this say about Donald Trump?

There you go, a headline that could fit over anyone of hundreds of Trump based stories over the past couple of years (and maybe even earlier than that, but who has the time to go there?) Here are Susan Glasser’s New Yorker thoughts about what the hell has happened now, weeks in the wake of the complete and total exoneration the President claimed he got from the Mueller report.

Now it’s pretty clear that whatever it was, it was not a complete and total exoneration, particularly on the question of obstruction of justice. And frankly, I’m not even sure it was an exoneration on the collusion with Russia claim. I suspect in both cases, Mueller said, in re: Russia, “Not enough to prove here,” and in re: collusion, “I smell smoke.” That doesn’t mean there is nothing there. That means nothing rises to the standard a good prosecutor would set in deciding his strategies in the one case and some stinky funny business in the other.

So it’s not over, even though the Mueller office has been shut down and its many investigators and processors have been sent back from whence they came. Still, they have some time to gab with one another and one point of conversation is clear now:

“THAT’S NOT WHAT WE FUCKING SAID,” on the question of obstruction of justice. Anyone who has ever been misquoted (and who has not?) knows how it feels when you hear a summary of what you were said to have said that lets out the juicy parts and focuses only on some mundane details. You just want to jump up in the middle of your roasted chicken breast dinner and shout, “That’s Not What I Fucking Said.”

Most of us don’t do this, either because of cowardice or politeness or whatever it is that separates the one from the other. Obviously, Mr. Mueller’s folks are a lot more aggressive about these things than we would be. Prosecutors and investigators are like that, you know?

So now what?

It’s pretty much up to the U.S. House of Representatives, which has an abundance of channels to paddle down in search of what President Trump actually did. This, believe it or not, is actually very good news.

They don’t have to convict Donald Trump of anything to get into an “assist” position in wrecking his presidency, which he is doing a great job on without anyone’e help. The man can’t keep his mind settled on anything. Now we’re back to the wall. No, it’s NATO. No, it’s Mexico. No, it’s…..it’s…..Somebody took my cake! I want my cake….And so on.

What we’re dealing with at this point is more awareness that the man is nutty as an outhouse rat and simply too squirrelly to even draw much of a bead on. You know how hard it is to hit a moving target. This is a moving target of thoughtless, angry emotion powered by a strong need to just punch people to show he can do it.

I have this sense we could all just stand about 600 yards away and watch him self destruct over a period of a few weeks. He would spin into a rhetorical vortex of tweets and bad speeches in airport hangers everywhere right up until the moment he just disappears.

And wouldn’t we all be so happy about that?