The Worst Job in Government

Hello Kevin McAleenan, welcome to the very worst job in the federal government, chief of the Department of Homeland Security. Of course its just “acting” chief, but anyone who took the job in the wake of Kirstjen Nielsen would be “acting” because, how long can this job last?

President Trump has not built his border wall, but he has constructed an immense shit storm on the southern border and pays close attention (as close as he can pay) to everything that happens there. And that is one reason why it is the worst job in government, because the president is always watching.

Thus far, everything the president touches turns to poop, like he is the King Midas of droppings. There’s a small army of people at the border waiting to get in, a declining number of folks just sneaking in and, one can presume, thousands of folks who just want to come here making plans to leave their homes wherever.

On top of all of that, there are the separated children who got grabbed by the federales a while ago and still have not been reunited with their parents. If we are not careful, they are going to belong to us full time! Where are we going to put them? How are we going to treat them? And so on.

All of this is President Trump’s fault, directly. He has done nothing to advance legislation to reform the border. He has done nothing to stop the flow of immigrants who want to come here. He has done nothing but braaaaaay about the importance of his great imaginary wall, unfunded for the most part and, after all, a concept.

Presumably one of the 3,450 people running for President on the Democratic side has an idea of how to deal with this. We should be hearing about this every single day as an alternative to the crap President Trump is smearing on the border. But we are not!

The problem here is that the Democrats are acting as though this is a typical presidential campaign. But it’s not. It demands as strong a response to everything this man proposes as we can muster. It would not hurt to pick one of the Democratic masses to serve as a sacrificial lamb during the campaign, a job that would require building a substantive response to every wacky Trump announcement.

Not a bad job if you can get it!