So Tired of Trump’s Style…or lack of it

So now we learn that after Trump said “wait a while” on closing the border he was actually advising a new appointee to close the border. What is this man doing?

I don’t expect perfection from anyone, using the same standard on others that I use on myself. But I do expect a little expertise from the President of the United States. I guess I am wrong expecting that from President Trump.

No matter what happens, he always picks the worst response, and worse than that, you can’t tell whether he is doing that because he means it or whether he is just sending up gas balloons to see who responds.

What a terrible way for a president to behave.

It’s almost as though he never advanced beyond a certain point in his childhood….wait a minute. We already know that.

I feel like the Lewis Black joke about the guy who ends up someplace in Texas and he stops at Starbucks for coffee and when he walks out the front door, there across the street is another Starbucks! He is at the end of the coffee universe.

That is what it’s becoming with this terrible man in the White House. We keep parading around in the same circle and running into the same ridiculous man with his foolish ideas about…about just about everything.

Most of us are way smarter than he is. He just got rich. You don’t have to have brains to get rich. You need to have a rich father. That would do it.

Yikes. I am tired of him.