Trump has lots of campaign money, and are we surprised about this?

I don’t understand why President Trump is so bombastic about the amount of money he has raised for his reelection and yet, so shy about telling us what is on his income taxes. But it has an interesting smell about it, I would suggest.

He’s sitting on tens of millions of dollars!

That’s a lot this early in the game for an incumbent, but then how surprised can we be about this. Everything the man values is attached to money, and I suspect at some point he will argue this is proof he will be re-elected.

How do you feel about that?

Is the presidency another one of those things that’s all about money, too? Haven’t you had enough of rich people, Democrats and Republicans alike, who think that having a lot of money means they should have a lot of influence, too?

As for the man’s income taxes, I don’t think they would change one iota of my thinking about this terrible President. I am also not interested in climbing out on another limb to predict something criminal is being hidden. I don’t think it is.

He falls short of being criminal. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a pathetic bad ass with no compassion and no taste and no real ideas.

For those reasons alone, he should be defeated in 2020.

See, I didn’t even have to call him an asshole!

Which he most certainly is!