Too Dumb or Too Devious?

I was struggling with the thought of letting the whole Mueller Report thing sit to stew, like a cow pie in the hot sun, when Dana Milbank stepped in with a great Washington Post column setting my dark thoughts to rambling again! Thank you Dana!

What Milbank suggests is that Mueller at some point settled on the conclusion that Trump was too stupid to do any of this stuff as part of a plan, that his son Donald Jr. had rocks in his head and the people around him were perpetually trying to save him from his worst instincts by ignoring orders, or circumventing them, whatever was necessary.

What we were witnessing then, was evidence that A. you don’t have to be honest to make a lot of money in business, and B. you don’t have to be honest to succeed at politics. Dang, I knew both of these things forever because I have seen so many fools make huge amounts of money and so many politicians lie lie lie!

So where is the surprise in all of this?

Just one thing: Trump doesn’t get it.

That’s it! He is lost in place and unable to proceed because he can’t process things at a higher level. He can toss money at women. He can toss money at his conspirators. He can toss money at the Republican Party. But he can’t actually do anything on his own. He is mindlessly incompetent at most things.

He thinks he came out of the Mueller process smelling like a rose. He is half right about that. He came out of the Mueller process smelling. That’s not a good thing to carry on the campaign trail with you because, well, people can smell it.

Not his backers, of course, because they have lost their capacity for smelling anything. He seems great to them, like a man with halitosis who just has to get in close to talk. Or like a man with BO who insists on closing in. You know the type and you know how to deal with it. Avoid him!

What does this new awareness mean to me?

I have never taken the man seriously, so that’s not going to happen. But it means its okay for Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to take a deep breath and go after him with the one thing he doesn’t understand and can’t cope with, robust ridicule.

Everything he has done, everything he says, it should all be measured against the Mueller report and what it tells us about the smarts at work in the Trump effort. There aren’t any. Smart people flee the man.

He is not going to be reelected, first, and Nancy Pelosi is right about this whole impeachment thing. He is not worth the damage the process would cause. It would be like firing double 00 buckshot at a vexing squirrel up in a tree. He would end up chattering at you and screaming and you would just wreck some tree and anything else in the background..

I think we should just keep doing what we were doing all along. Let him blather on and keep building up a record of terrible decisions. Then go get him!

On to election day!