Strong economy enhances Trump’s reelection chances…

No matter what the Democrats and liberals think of him, President Trump will be campaigning with a strong wind at his back if the economic news stays as good as it has been. Folks can point to weak spots, of course, but the overall health of the nation is good as far as its economy is concerned. President’s usually don’t lose when that is the case.

But there are other factors at work with this flap-doodler, not the least of which is that he fits no modern mold of the presidency that any one can come up with, won the first time on a fluke that gave him electoral votes but gave the count to the Democrats, and is, after all, a gaping anus with no sense of the world or America’s place in it.

So he faces some challenges. But the biggest thing that will work to his advantage is our capacity for forgetting that each presidential race is a new race, with new people, new faces, new issues and a new measure of what is right. If the nation truly believes President Trump is the one, we will know by the time election day rolls around.

On the other hand, if he remains the big, pink racist who incites people we don’t actually want to incite, he might find he can’t win no matter what.

So let’s just watch him very closely and keep away from predicting anything until we can at least see the wire. That would be smart for everyone.