The Larger World of Justice Calls Barr to Task

This was certainly a great, great idea. Use technology to sample the world of high level law enforcement (retired) to see what it thinks of the Attorney General’s Argument that Trump should not be charged with a crime. Hundreds and hundreds of former prosecutors and law enforcers disagreed, saying there is enough evidence to charge Trump with a crime.

Of course that’s not going to happen because of all the people in this great land, the President gets a pass on this kind of thing because he’s just too busy to be bothered with the details of defending himself. It would get in the way of his presidency.

Well shit on a shingle, the man works at most a couple of hours a day, and most of that is spent watching television and tweeting. So he has plenty of time to deal with his own set of criminal charges.

The point is, it’s time to abandon the fantasy that Donald Trump is above the law. He is not. In fact, he is overdue for a big collision with that reality. People who think he should be impeached obviously feel that way. I don’t think he should be impeached. Too much passion in one place for that.

No. We need a man with a lot of brainpower and a lot of evidence to just pile it up on his head and then we can all watch him sink. But that would be in an ideal world.

Maybe the most important aspect of this document is the evidence, loud and clear, that the world of authority has no more time for this loud, obnoxious creep. At least President Nixon was a crook. This guy is just a personality disorder with a high voltage supply and no one with enough courage to just stamp their feet and say, “Enough!”

But this is a sign, I believe, that the day of justice is coming for this man.

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