What is Trump Afraid Of here in the baboon kingdom?

Well, I would suggest the first thing is anything that reveals what a fraud he has been for much of his life. See the New York Times story about the billion in loss he built up over a few short years and then look at his picture on the “Art of the Deal” book.

The man is a complete fraud hiding behind a big pile of money.

But we can’t know that because he is also the president of the United States because a narrow group of followers voted in the right places for him to win the electoral college. Kind of proof of what’s wrong with that system, huh?

Now we are moving toward a larger truth, and the closer we get, the more aggressive the orange blovinator is going to become to protect his treasure, which is not money or buildings, but the strange narrative of his life over the past few years.

Clearly, it just doesn’t work on the world stage. He gets played by the worst people all the time and doesn’t even realize it. Are the North Koreans our new buddies? I don’t think so. The Russians? You better believe not.

So where are we?

I think headed to court. I hope that mysterious process that changes normal people into Supreme Court justices has worked, because they are going to decide whether we still have checks and balances, or whether we have become a baboon kingdom with a fluffed up primate of some kind as its leader.

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