Should Facebook Be Denuded? Please respond at end of this essay!

So, the suggestion seems to be emerging that it’s time to whack Facebook hard, not just a light trimming. I’m not sure about how I feel about this. I left the newspaper I worked for in Chicago 12 years ago and still felt the need to write and comment but I didn’t want to have to argue with the commentary people at the paper, who seem to love only their own kind (maybe because they get the copy for free. Who knows?)

Anyhow, I jumped up to my neck in Facebook as a place to write commentaries, of which there have been so many over the past dozen years or so. Then I shifted to WordPress for writing because I thought i needed something fancier, but found Facebook was still the best place to post it.

My audience is not very large, but seems sincere and generally responds respectfully to the things I write. But I would really like to have a sense of how my readers feel about Facebook, so I am posting this on Facebook to find out. Please join in.

FYI, my wife hates the fact that I write for Facebook and forbids any posting of anything that involves her. I respect that. Still, her choir is on Facebook frequently and as part of it, so is she. But I don’t think she has any say in that.

So let me know here what we think about Facebook. Or about these posts. Or anything. But do respond. Charlie

7 thoughts on “Should Facebook Be Denuded? Please respond at end of this essay!

  1. I love to read your comments. Charlie. You are preaching to the choir with me, but I enjoy your erudition and wit. Keep on with it.


  2. I love your blogs, Charlie! Until something happens that might shut down FB, I say go for it!


  3. Well, I read your comments on the alert email I get when you post, so I can’t say much about your Facebook portal. Regardless, I think it might be your best place to gain readers when regulars repost to their own timelines.


  4. I look forward to reading your blog here…just think that the Russians are also reading it .,,& so be it. I will continue to follow what I love & post as many positive things about life in general that I can share. We’re all friends right????or so they say. Hummmmmm


  5. I love reading your thoughts on big stuff! Please don’t stop, fb needs your intelligent insight.


  6. Like reading your thoughts here, cousin. I understand that FB is a place for older folks and the cooler SM app is now Instagram, but I find FB friendlier to use. So keep ‘em coming and I’ll keep reading!


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