Trump Takes Us Toward War? Not in this lifetime!

What a scary thought. Not for Iran, which I suspect will go on being Iran. But for us. Let’s travel in time back to George Bush’s War against Saddam Hussein. Remember Weapons of Mass Destruction? We were told they were laying all over the place in the desert, just waiting for us.

So the cause was constructed based on a compliant media (which the New York Times led with its breathless loosely sourced stories on page one) which joined in the war conspiracy to help Bush build his case. Colin Powell, one of the most trusted former military guys, apparently lied, too, in his U.N. presentation on these weapons.

We heard all kinds of ill-sourced stuff from Vice President Cheney and his minions, incontrovertible evidence of these weapons. Purchasing tubes to enhance uranium. And so on. It was bad as it could be in Iraq, and Saddam was the worst of all, an image he helped build by being a complete asshole.

There was one big reason all of this worked for President Bush. A couple of planes full of terrorists took out the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington and a field in western Pennsylvania up in the highlands. We were undoubtedly under attack from terrorists.

But they were not Iraqi terrorists by any stretch. If we were going to have a bombing campaign and ground war at that point, it would have to have been against Saudi Arabia, where most of these guys slithered in from.

That would have been in bad taste, to attack such an ally. So Bush looked for a target everyone could hate and came up with Iraq. We went to war for quite a while, lost quite a few good people, killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis and some bad ones, too, then stopped after Hussein was caught in his spider hole and hanged.

As for the master of 911, Osama bin Laden, Seal Team 6 took care of that under President Obama. He was living right there in our sights in Pakistan. We didn’t need a war to dislodge him.

But what of Bush and Iraq?

What made it all seem to work was President Bush and his family’s credibility across the board. Why would he lie? When we found no weapons of mass destruction of any kind we were mostly shocked. It was a war based on a phantom threat. But like all wars, it built President Bush’s rep quite a bit for a while. Because that’s how the nation is when America goes to war.

Now President Trump’s team seems to be suggesting it could well be time to send, say, 120,000 American troops to Iran because….because….why? Will you respect whatever President Trump has to say about this? You can’t trust anything else the man says so how can we trust him on this one? He has no use for intelligence. He just listens to his gut then gets thumb typing on twitter and his followers throw their arms into the air cheering.

I am NOT going to war behind President Trump. Not now and not anytime. He has a couple of years left and then he should just disappear. We don’t need an entangling foreign event to extend his presence.

So war? No fucking way!

I’m not much for street action, but even I would march against that.