Iran and War? Not Yet

President Trump has sent the message to the rest of Washington that he is not pushing for a war with Iran. This is the best news coming from the man in weeks and weeks, but I don’t know whether this thought will hold.

He has that consistency problem.

You know, one day it’s this and the next day it’s that and you can’t tell what the man is actually thinking, assuming there is thinking behind any of it. He no longer seems like the smartest man in the world (which I think he claimed at one point, and if he didn’t you know he thinks that).

Being threatened by the United States with a war is a big deal, enough to change the way a regime thinks. But being threatened with war by Trump is one of those “Well, let’s just see about that” moments because, history shows, his mind changes by the moment.

Maybe he will want to have war again by tomorrow, or by the weekend. Who can say?

This is why we need to elect only presidents who have clearly defined platforms attached to their campaigns. And platforms to which they will stick like glue. Despite the cheers of his followers, the world does not like unpredictability in politics, which is Trump to the core.

So lets see how long this position lasts. In the interim, put John Bolton back in his box and snap the lock on it for now.

We can only hope.