Bitching on his own terms…

So, does it sound to you like the President was ever interested in infrastructure conversations with the Democrats, or was this whole thing just a setup so he could bitch at the audience on his own terms?

My guess it’s almost all about bitching on his own terms, like the self-centered ego- centric sicko he actually is. This is all about presidential campaigning, and he doesn’t want to spent an instant out of the conversation so expect more of it.

That’s in character for the Great Blusterer, but not for House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who walked into this and gave him just the platform he needed to define it all on this own terms and blast ahead with some recriminating.

There is only one way to play this game, and that is to talk way beyond and around him so there is not a single chance for the media to even give him a few minutes to “respond” in kind. He never responds in kind. He always has to grab the spotlight.

She and the Dems should come back with both barrels blazing, but in a venue of their own choosing. The capitol steps would do. Trump uses the White House as a backdrop, so counter in kind.

But don’t do anything that leaves him an opening, because he will rush in a start flinging shit thicker than you can shovel. The smart people of America will see it for what it is, but we aren’t all smart.

His supporters will lick it off the sidewalks like chocolate before they realize that’s not what it is!

One thought on “Bitching on his own terms…

  1. Thank you for once again articulating my jumbled thoughts about the current president. My emotions get the best of me when I see or hear him. Glad I can count on you to form my thoughts in a coherent fashion.


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