Drunk Nancy? You Wish!

Well, I think this step was inevitable. One of the things about Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and second in line in presidential succession, is the fact that she is a terrible public speaker. That is not a criticism of what she says, but how she says it. Halting. Stumbling. Getting tangled up in phrases to the point at which she just has to stop and then edge her way back into them.

We can’t all be great public speakers. To be speaker of the House, you don’t have to be. You do have to be a pretty good politician to pull down that job, and Nancy Pelosi is more than qualified in those terms. But that speaking thing has always been a weak point, not something you can lean on.

Now her enemies have found a cheap way to take advantage of that by slowing her down a little so her slurred enunciations sound wine-fueled. They did that with technology and then spread that stuff all over the internet, trying to create a weakness in one of President Trump’s most serious opponents.

Did Trump do this? No. He lives in universe where he doesn’t have to. He has skanky media types to do that for him. And now they have. I could post their video, but I don’t want to spread it. You can find it yourself. But none of that is the point. Th e point is this is what they have fallen to in their quest to support President Trump.

They and he should be well ashamed of themselves. A distorted video is the cheapest kind of slander, and they are obviously eager to find the cheapest slander that they can. Fortunately, their time is coming, I suspect.

And we thought the Russians were the worst!