On Trump: Why It’s Time to Turn It Down

I don’t know how you feel about President Trump, although I can guess if you eventually read this you do not think well of him. I certainly don’t, but I have now realized after a couple and a half years of trying to spit at him and slap him around that it was wasted spit and useless slap.

It’s pretty rare to run into someone who has been so scandalous in his behavior that he just factors criticism in as part of the game. That’s what we have in Trump, a president who sets himself up for the strongest criticism he can and then uses the response to that as a bargaining tool with his political base.

Almost all of our earlier presidents were solicitous and tried to be engaging, at least for political purposes. They at least gave us the impression that they wanted us to like them. Not this one. He goes to extremes to make himself unlikeable just to see how much shit he can stir up among his opponents.

Take whatever case you want to examine from the past couple of years. He will always exhibit the most juvenile behavior he can possibly muster just to make us all wonder “What the hell is it with this guy.” I suspect there are people in his base who behave the same way. You meet them all the time then ignore them without fail. No one wants to feed into a person like that.

But you can’t do that with the president. He is too big. Too loud. Too powerful. Too everything. You can plug your ears with wax and he’s still there, somehow babbling on or raging about something. We have to take this kind of behavior from our infants. But not from our presidents.

My argument here is that his strategy only works if it makes you respond. He doesn’t care how, just that you respond. Hence, the only way to counter it is to not respond, or a least to make it so cool that no one can tell that you despise the very ground the man walks on.

So, I would recommend (and I plan to follow this) measuring him from the aspect of what he is trying to do with government. No point in raging about how the President wants to build a huge wall between us and Mexico, for example. That he wants to build one is a good thing to respond to, but in a way that is not personal. Nancy Pelosi is right. He’s just not worth it.

So, hard though it might be, until the election I am only going to comment on the stupidity of his policies. We’ll just let his public behavior stand in for my nasty comments on the man. I will save my nasty comments for more worthy enemies.